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Brew Mail I have a couple new items of brew mail that have arrived recently including the new Beer Bottling Gun I ordered from during the pre launch sale along with a Gas Ball Lock post with 1/4″ bulkhead assembly ( so I will be getting it setup soon and give it a try and see how it goes.  And I have received a product sample from HopTop: Mason Jar Airlock, I have previously posted about them a few months ago and I heard quite a good response back and now I am very excited to be able to try it out and really seeRead More →

ITC-308 Outlet Thermostat temperature controller Product Specs: Plug and play design, easy to use; Dual relay output, be able to connect with refrigeration and heating equipment at the same time Support reading with Centigrade or Fahrenheit unit Maximum output load: 1000W(110V)/2000W(220V) Dual display window, be able to display measured temperature and set temperature at the same time Temperature calibration Compressor delay protection for refrigeration control High and low temperature alarms are available Over-temperature and sensor fault alarm Heating/Cooling differential function could be set separately for refrigeration and heating to protect temperature controller from violent change. (110V Model) I ordered this controller after seeing a fewRead More →