1. Dustin Pendergast

    Proof it works. Used the exact same recipe you posted. Made a huge difference. You will notice it continue to clear even after the 2 days as any remaining chill haze settles out.

  2. Kev Needham

    Use this method with most ales and lagers, but don’t bother with the IPAs or darker beers. I’ve had a couple of batches where dip tubes get clogged, so have switched to conditioning for a couple of days in a secondary (usually a 6.5gal pail) then kegging (an alternative approach is to do a quick pull 4 and 8 hrs after adding gelatin, but I condition in a separate fridge from the kegerator). Kal from TheElectricBrewery.com put me on to this process, and I’m a fan.

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