Keg Fridge Restoration

Perlick Keg Fridge Restoration

I got lucky and found this Perlick Keg Fridge for $200 on and I am excited!  My friend Rich has the same unit and he loves it.  This is going to need a little work to get it back into it’s old glory but it’s going to be awesome!

The fridge will be serving 4 taps once it is all setup and has room to hold 8 ball lock kegs.  The consensus so far is that I will need more taps down the road. And I’m ok with that.

Duel Tower Perlick Keg Fridge

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I took my brother Shane to go pick up this Perlick Keg Fridge, and it came with 1 serving tower w/ tap. And everything else works great to boot all for $200! It's going to need some love but it's going to look amazing with the ceramic tower mounted on top along with the other single tap

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