Moving Day

Sorry it’s been a little slow on the blog the last little while, Melissa and I have found a house and we are moving at the end of September!  We are in the process of packing up and sorting through everything and clearing out the excess in anticipation of the moving day Oct. 1 and it’s going to be great! We are moving into a large house with a massive yard and some apple and plum trees, so there will be plenty to post soon.  I am slowly but surely adding parts to the shelf for projects on the go and the first two are the Ceramic Beer Tower, and the Brew Pump Tool Box.  For the Ceramic Tower I have picked up new Intertap Shanks and Taps along with new beer line, and will be mounting the tower on the keezer asap and get the beer flowing! and I have all the parts for the pump box now, so I just need to assemble them and get it operational so stay tuned, definitely some exciting things coming soon.


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