Perlick Keg Fridge Restoration I got lucky and found this Perlick Keg Fridge for $200 on and I am excited!  My friend Rich has the same unit and he loves it.  This is going to need a little work to get it back into it’s old glory but it’s going to be awesome! The fridge will be serving 4 taps once it is all setup and has room to hold 8 ball lock kegs.  The consensus so far is that I will need more taps down the road. And I’m ok with that.Read More →

Sorry it’s been a little slow on the blog the last little while, Melissa and I have found a house and we are moving at the end of September!  We are in the process of packing up and sorting through everything and clearing out the excess in anticipation of the moving day Oct. 1 and it’s going to be great! We are moving into a large house with a massive yard and some apple and plum trees, so there will be plenty to post soon.  I am slowly but surely adding parts to the shelf for projects on the go and the first two areRead More →

Beer Bottling gun & Stout Update I have kegged the Bourbon Soaked Cacao Nib and Vanilla Milk Stout today, the FG was 1.022 with an ABV of 5.25%. It’s very aromatic right now, and has cleared very nicely. I did not taste it yet however, i want to allow it to condition a little more first so I will have some tasting notes in about a week or so. And I have swapped the gas hose barb on the bottling gun with a new bulkhead and gas disconnect. And I have swapped the gas hose barb on the bottling gun with a new bulkhead andRead More →

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Brew Mail I have a couple new items of brew mail that have arrived recently including the new Beer Bottling Gun I ordered from during the pre launch sale along with a Gas Ball Lock post with 1/4″ bulkhead assembly ( so I will be getting it setup soon and give it a try and see how it goes.  And I have received a product sample from HopTop: Mason Jar Airlock, I have previously posted about them a few months ago and I heard quite a good response back and now I am very excited to be able to try it out and really seeRead More →