The Brew Cave is coming together!   The brew cave is coming together slowly but surely  I have decided to downsize the beer fridge due to the smaller space but I gain so much more shelving and work space in doing so. Now I have even more room for new projects LOL! The Danby Beer fridge is almost plumbed and ready to go, I just need to put the Beer and Gas posts on and connect it to the C02. Eventually I would like to upgrade the tower to two taps but that’s easy enough to do, and I’ll have some more photos of theRead More →

I just took a peek at the Cerveza and it’s smelling amazing! And the fermenting chamber is having no problem keeping the temp between 10-13°c in the Fast Fermenter with the thermal probe from the INKBIRD 308 Controller inserted into the thermal well on the fermenter, and fits perfectly!   And the great people at FastBrewing & WineMaking have hooked me up with a 30L model of the FastFermenter with the accessories to put to work and review, and so far I’m really enjoying it. Very simple to setup and clean, and with the option to hang or use a stand it’s really a great spaceRead More →

Perlick Keg Fridge Restoration I got lucky and found this Perlick Keg Fridge for $200 on and I am excited!  My friend Rich has the same unit and he loves it.  This is going to need a little work to get it back into it’s old glory but it’s going to be awesome! The fridge will be serving 4 taps once it is all setup and has room to hold 8 ball lock kegs.  The consensus so far is that I will need more taps down the road. And I’m ok with that.Read More →

Sorry it’s been a little slow on the blog the last little while, Melissa and I have found a house and we are moving at the end of September!  We are in the process of packing up and sorting through everything and clearing out the excess in anticipation of the moving day Oct. 1 and it’s going to be great! We are moving into a large house with a massive yard and some apple and plum trees, so there will be plenty to post soon.  I am slowly but surely adding parts to the shelf for projects on the go and the first two areRead More →