My wife Melissa and I started home brewing January 5 2013 after much discussion about it. We had no idea what we were getting into and I didn’t know where to look for information that took me beyond the “kit” so I started searching around on Google and YouTube. I was able to find alot of information but it was a real whirlwind of how to and tip’s and tricks but nothing really helped out too much because I had no idea what the hell I was looking at lol. Eventually I stumbled across a post on youtube from CraigTube by Craig Farraway and it was the first serious step forward for me into this hobby.

I like to help others get into this amazing hobby and to show that anything is possible with a positive outlook and a little patience….And a lot of cleaning.

Jonathan Gibson

On this page I share our experiences as we have fun brewing beer, wine, and ciders along with some reviews of craft beers and products related to brewing as we explore this crazy world. Home brewing does not have to be difficult or expensive, and with a little instruction you too can be a home brewer. Our first kit was a BrewHouse IPA kit and it came with a small starter kit from one of the U-Brew shop’s here in Victoria, BC and the only instructions given were printed on the box and ran us about $150 and then I just needed to get the bottles. Please send any questions and leave comments as I really love to hear what everyone has to say and I will certainly get back to you as quick as possible.

Thank you for visiting Jonny’s Home Brew Adventures, I hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

Jonathan & Melissa Gibson